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 Tomb Raider III

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PostSubject: Tomb Raider III   Tomb Raider III EmptyWed Dec 15, 2010 3:48 am

Tomb Raider III 2wq7w9s
Plot Synopsis: Tomb Raider III opens millions of years ago, when a meteoroid survived the plunge through the Earth's atmosphere, impacting the then-warm climate of Antarctica. The first people to discover this land were a tribe of Polynesians. Despite the now-freezing conditions, there was an abnormal abundance of life and the tribe settled, worshipping the meteorite crater for the powers it appeared to hold and then forged parts of the meteorite into four artefacts. Generations later, though, catastrophic events forced them to flee in terror. Today, the same area is being excavated by the research company RX Tech, headed by the eccentric Scotsman Dr. Willard. The team is picking up unusual readings from the meteorite's impact zone. Soon after they uncover the body of a sailor from Charles Darwin's voyage on the Beagle. It seems a few of his sailors had explored the interior of the crater.
Following a story from one of the sailors' journal, RX Tech have started to take a particular interest in not only the crater area, but other parts of the globe where the sailors travelled to... and therein died. One of these places is India - where Lara Croft is currently searching for the legendary Infada artefact. Unaware of its true history, she only knows that in local beliefs it was supposed to hold great powers and has been revered by tribes there throughout the years. After retrieving the Infada stone she meets Dr. Willard on a sail boat who informs her of the story of Darwin's sailors as well as the existence of the other three Meteorite Artefacts.

Tomb Raider III Trailer:

Tomb Raider III N3uejt
Plot Synopsis: Only minutes have passed since the hideous creature that Dr. Willard had become gasped the last breath of its violently short life cycle. The experiment had failed, the gleam of immortality returned to the stars from which it came.

Lara looks on silently, oblivious to the press of the bitter Antarctic wind. Suddenly a ragged figure emerges from the dark, gaping hole of the meteor cavern - it is Willard, a human reborn, but in the throes of death. A hand gestures wildly, a final guttural laugh tears through the silence, the figure slumps forward and is still.

With the snow already forming a ghastly shroud over the body, Lara quickly tears an object form the dead man's grasp. A wallet, its monogrammed "W" now standing sadly against Willard's last earthly remains. Inside, the usual collection of tattered mementos, a hodge-podge of foreign currency and. . . but this cannot be! A familiar expression glides across Lara's faceā€”an eyebrow raised by a wry and knowing smile. Before her, a telegram urging an immediate return to take possession of another artifact now secure beneath the Scottish mists at Willard's Loch Ness estate.

"The adventure continues," says Lara, to nothing but Willard's dark laughter still ringing in her ears.

"So there is a fifth. . . ."
The Lost Artefact Trailer

Tomb Raider III is generally where the divide amongst fans begins. Not every fan but generally speaking for the most part, fans tend to agree on the quality of the first two games. It's at the third when opinions start to differ so greatly.
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PostSubject: Re: Tomb Raider III   Tomb Raider III EmptyWed Dec 15, 2010 4:01 am

TR3 is just simply amazing. I find it to be pretty overrated and overlooked.
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Tomb Raider III
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