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 Tomb Raider: Chronicles

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Tomb Raider: Chronicles 2h7qb75
Plot Synopsis: Tomb Raider Chronicles opens just days after the events of The Last Revelation. Lara Croft is still missing and presumed dead. A memorial service at Croft Manor brings together three old friends of Lara: Winston, Charles Kane and Father Patrick Dunstan. While the rain outside is pouring, the three reminisce about Lara's earlier adventures. The first of which takes place in Rome, where Lara is searching for the fabled Philosopher's Stone. It's here that you're reintroduced to Pierre DuPont and Larson Conway from the original Tomb Raider. Lara's second adventure is a deepsea dive off the coast of wintery Russia, where she tries to convince a megalomaniacal war leader that the artefact he's searching for (the Spear of Destiny) isn't quite what it seems, and encountering Russian mafioso during her expedition. The third adventure takes place on a mysterious, haunted island back when Lara was a teenager, and the 4th and final set involves Lara raiding a hi-tech tower building in pursuit of the Iris, an artefact which was first introduced at the beginning of The Last Revelation.

Meanwhile, Werner Von Croy continues to dig in Egypt in the hope of finding Lara alive, although these hopes are regarded as slim.

Tomb Raider Chronicles Trailer:

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Tomb Raider: Chronicles
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